Full Compliance to Know-Your-Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policies

  • COINAGENT.COM is a legally registered organization physically located in Hong Kong. We are committed to providing secure, globally-compliant, and reputable service to our clients and have a comprehensive and thorough KYC and AML compliance framework.
  • KYC and AML policies differ depending on your country of origin. COINAGENT.COM records your country of origin through our registration process. Standard compliance for all regions and jurisdictions are strictly adhered to:
  • Registered members who desire transaction in fiat currency must verify their identities prior to being authorized to perform any transaction involving fiat currency. This means the submission of certified copies of both identification and proof of address. A passport is considered valid identification and an utility and/or rates bill no older than six months is considered valid proof of address. Other forms of identification and address verification will not be accepted. Your account will be unregistered until account verification has been completed.

  • Registered members of whom transactions only involve virtual currencies are not required to have their identities verified.

  • Any suspicious transactions will result in a Suspicious Activity Report being submitted to the relevant regulatory and compliance bodies applicable in the registered members' verified country of origin.

  • COINAGENT.COM reserves the right to refuse registration to persons from or in jurisdictions that do not meet international AML standards or could be considered as a Politically Exposed Person.

  • COINAGENT.COM reserves the right to verify our users and their transactions. Any attempt to abuse COINAGENT.COM and its platform will result in an immediate account suspension.