Privacy is a serious concern for all account holders, and COINAGENT.COM strives to ensure that your privacy is always maintained. Throughout this policy, "COINAGENT.COM" refers to all involved parties (owners, staff, investors) and its web site and services, including all technological operations, products, content, and support.

For more information about how COINAGENT.COM gathers, processes, and utilizes your personal information, please review the following Privacy Policy. This policy will set forth the conditions, along with the Terms of Use, on how COINAGENT.COM will act upon your data. Your "personal information" as used herein in this policy encompasses all of your personal identifiers: name, email, telephone number, street address, account information, transactions, banking institutions, and so forth.

The Privacy Policy is provided for your information and understanding in how COINAGENT.COM acquires and uses your personal information; how the web site and services function with IP addresses and cookies; when your personal information is offered to third parties; how you can update and modify your personal data; and what security is being utilized to protect you, your information, and your COINAGENT.COM account.

Acquiring your personal data

By registering and using an account with COINAGENT.COM, you agree that COINAGENT.COM can gather your personal information. This personal data may include, but not limited to: Name, Birth Date, Personal Photo (from a driver's license, government issued ID, passport, etc.), email address, street address, bank account, transactions through COINAGENT.COM, and additional personal identifiers that may be requested to confirm your identity.

COINAGENT.COM reserves the right to use this information for the following situations, and potentially more, by: improving your individual interactions with the web site and transactions; upgrading the company's web site and services; investigating issues; enhancing account Holder support for quicker response times and resolving issues; ensuring the identity of yourself; providing seamless transactions by relaying your information to any involved third parties or banking institutions; and sending communications whether by email, telephone, or mail about any COINAGENT.COM upgrades, changes, or promotions. COINAGENT.COM understands how valuable your personal information and protection are and will utilize this information only as deemed necessary for its operations.

Your computer data

Any computer you use to access your COINAGENT.COM account and its web site and services contains data that the company may collect to improve the Holder's experience with all of COINAGENT.COM's products. This data that COINAGENT.COM may collect could include the computer's IP address, web browser, and/or operating system. COINAGENT.COM may collect and analyze this data to better understand how Holders access the web site, navigate the services, and utilize all of its features. It may also help with any issues that Holders might incur and assist with quickly resolving them.


COINAGENT.COM's web site does use cookies. Cookies are pieces of data that web sites send to your computer in order to provide a memory of how the user interacted with the site as well as additional stored information such as your account settings and transactions. Cookies enable COINAGENT.COM to function more effectively and provide a unique individual experience for each account Holder.

COINAGENT.COM's system automatically gathers information about the areas you visit on the web site and about the links you may select from within the site to external sites. COINAGENT.COM uses this information to understand how Holders as a group use the services and resources on the site. This allows for identification of Holders' favourite areas, most clicked on external links, sections that need improvements, and what technologies are being used so that the web site and services can be upgraded and customized to these technologies.

COINAGENT.COM may link this usage information to your personal data in order to securely verify your identity, to personalize aspects of your experience on the web site, to better understand which information or services are of greater value to Holders, and to send follow-up communications regarding COINAGENT.COM's products and services to web site visitors.

By using the COINAGENT.COM web site, you agree that cookies may be utilized for the purposes as set above in this policy.

maintenance of your personal information

COINAGENT.COM works hard to ensure that the personal information you provide is accurate, complete, and up to date. You always have access to your personal information and can at anytime update, modify, delete, or correct any information. Please contact support@COINAGENT.COM for any assistance with your personal information.


COINAGENT.COM takes the security of information very seriously and has established security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to account Holder information. Industry standard means are utilized including physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards such as data encryption and secure socket layer technology. Regular updates and testing occur for the web site and services to maintain, improve, and ensure the protection and accuracy of account Holder data. Employees are restricted from accessing account Holder information as well as third-party services. Employees who violate this privacy policy are subject to disciplinary action. COINAGENT.COM has implemented several security measures to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information and to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction.

personal data storage

COINAGENT.COM will store your personal data while your account is active and for a limited, extended period when you or the company terminates your account. The personal information is stored only for the sole purposes as stated in this Privacy Policy as well for any industry or regulation policies.


COINAGENT.COM reserves the right at any time to make any updates to this Privacy Policy, its web site, and services, including all materials, agreements, operations, disclosures, content, and tools, which may include any modifications, changes, amendments, and/or additional conditions. Any such changes will be communicated to all account Holders and your continue usage of the web site and its services acknowledges that you agree to any changes, deletions, and/or additions. Revised policies and terms will also be posted on the web site as soon as such changes are implemented.


Personal Information/Personal Data: any identifying markers related to the account Holder, whether provided by such Holder or requested by the company, as applicable to any laws or regulations.

Third Party: external reference, link, and/or company not affiliated, endorsed, sponsored, or controlled by COINAGENT.COM.

Transaction: (i) the agreement between the Buyer and the Seller to exchange Bitcoins through the Service for currencies at a commonly agreed rate ("Bitcoin Transaction"), (ii) the conversion of currencies into Bitcoins deposited by Holders on their accounts, (iii) the transfer of Bitcoins among Holders ("Bitcoin Transfer Transaction"), (iv) the transfer of currencies among Holders ("Currency Transfer Transaction") and (v) the purchase of ancillary products ("Purchase Transactions"). Coin Agent may not provide all of these transactions through its Services and web site.


For questions, comments, or issues about this Privacy Policy and/or the intended purposes as set forth above, please contact support@COINAGENT.COM