What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is not constrained by centeralized banking authorities, which allows users to make fast payments at cheap rates. 

What does CoinAgent offer?

CoinAgent is an all-in-one bitcoin brokerage solution. We offer a solution for users to easily buy and sell bitcoins, as well as a bitcoin settlement solution for merchants. Our convenient wallet feature can store bitcoins in addition to many other international currencies.

Does CoinAgent sell Bitcoins?

Yes, we sell Bitcoins! See our Buy/Sell page for more information.

Where do I begin?

First, you need to create an account. Click “Register” and provide your e-mail with a username. A temporary password will be emailed to you. To deposit your own currency into your account, you will have to provide identity verification and proof of residence. After completing the registration process, you can transfer funds into your account by clicking “Deposit”. Once your bank wire has cleared, you will be able to buy and sell as you please.

How secure is CoinAgent?

CoinAgent is secure. We use offline cold storage, Authy two-factor authentication, and AES-256 encryption.

How long does it take for a deposit?

Depending on your bank, deposits usually process in one to three business days.

How long does it take for a withdrawal?

Withdrawals are typically processed in one day.

Can a third party account be used to make a Deposit/Withdrawal?

Deposit/Withdrawals cannot be made to or from a third-party account unless undergone a more detailed KYC/KYB registration process.

How can I change my email address?

For email address changes, please contact our support team at support@coinagenet.net