Our Security Motto: If it can’t reached it can’t be stolen.

Offline Storage of Bitcoins

We only keep the percentage of funds that are being used by our customer online, the remainder of your funds are kept offline. Your funds are stored on secure hardware and offline wallets that are not connected to the internet. Our offline wallets are then backed up multiple times to ensure that customer funds are secure in the event of any system interruption.


Two-Factor Authentication?

We offer an extra security measure that allows you to access your bitcoin’s only when you have your account password and physical access to your linked mobile device. This means that having a password for your bitcoin wallet is the first factor in securing your account. The second factor, in addition to your password, is authentication through SMS or the Google Authenticator App.


Safeguarding Your Security and Privacy

Coinagent is big on encryption, we use encrypted SSL connections to facilitate all website traffic and all your information is stored with AES-256 encryption. We limit the number of failed login attempts to keep unwanted visitors from trying to access your account. Your passwords are stored as hashes to ensure that your account is secure and all passwords are checked for maximum level of security for customers.